Concrete Crack Filling

Unlike asphalt, concrete is made of aggregate (typically crushed rocks and sand), cement and water. No matter how good of a job the original contractor did in installing the concrete in the first place, cracks can still form after a certain amount of time passes. This is particularly true of concrete used in outside surfaces—driveways, sidewalks, patios, roads and parking lots, for example. Any time concrete is exposed to the elements, it will eventually show some damage—especially if the concrete hasn’t been sealed.

When you notice cracks starting to form in your concrete surface, it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible to prevent more cracks from forming. At Contractor’s Asphalt, we respond quickly and make sure that the repairs we make to your concrete surface are permanent.

Contractor’s Asphalt Tip:

Applying a concrete seal coating helps to protect the concrete and prevent cracking. How often you have to apply a seal coating depends on the conditions to which your concrete surface is exposed. Some cracks in concrete can be signs of a larger problem that may require more than just sealing the cracks. Our trained professionals can assess what needs to be done to your concrete surface to resolve the problem. Call our paving specialists today for more information.