A bid proposal was obtained from six major paving and asphalt companies and Contractors Asphalt was selected for the job. Their BBB status and references were excellent and the bid price was reasonable and competitive. They were hired to remove the 35+ year old asphalt, regrade, compact, place new asphalt and stripe our 46 car church parking lot. We expected the job to take at least a couple of weeks to complete. However, to our suprise, they said they would use a large crew to finish it in two or three days. They started early on a Tuesday morning and finished on Wednesday. The job superintendant, was on site with many asphalt veterans (as he called his crew) and did an outstanding job. Our congregation is very appreciative of their work and we have even received compliments from our neighbors.

I will recommend Contractors Asphalt to others without reservation, if the opportunity arises. Job well done!

Hope Chapel
Bill Sellstrom
Project Overseer

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