Concrete Wheel Stops / Car Stops

Parking lots can be extremely hazardous to both cars and pedestrians if proper precautions aren’t taken. From cars parking too close to one another to vehicles pulling forward out of their spot instead of back, there are a lot of opportunities for accidents to happen. Fortunately, there are some simple measures you can take to ensure yours is as safe as can be.

Wheel stops and car stops are definitely among your best lines of defense against parking lot accidents. They add structure, direction and guidance to your lot and its visitors while preventing any number of potential hazards. And there’s no material more popular when it comes to making these stops than concrete.

That’s because concrete is highly durable and strong, and it’s reinforced with rebar, so concrete wheel stops and car stops are stops that are built to last. Not only are they long-lasting, but concrete also tends to be more affordable than the alternatives, and they couldn’t be easier to paint in the color of your choice.


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At Contractor’s Asphalt, we offer a wide range of concrete wheel stops and car stops for your parking lot that feature a variety of different sizes and shapes depending on your needs. And you can bet that each is built to withstand the test of time.

Our service professionals are happy to deliver and install your wheel and car stops anywhere in the Central Texas area. So, whether you’re in need of stops for a small, outside lot or you’re looking to outfit an entire parking garage, we have you covered. And we have you covered with care.

We make absolutely certain that each wheel stop and car stop is installed with polish and precision so that you and everyone who frequents your lot will have an extra measure of safety protecting people and vehicles.

If you’re not sure about the right wheel and car stop sizes for your lot, don’t sweat it! Give us a call today and one of our passionate professionals will be able to advise you on the best stop based on your unique situation and provide you with a comprehensive estimate.

More Reasons to Choose Contractor’s Asphalt for Your Wheel and Car Stops

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And we proudly serve all of our neighbors in the Central Texas community—from individuals to municipalities all the way to state departments—with over 75 years of combined experience under our belts.

That means that when you sign on with Contractor’s Asphalt to address your asphalt needs, you’ll be getting the care, precision and professionalism you deserve and from people you can trust. And there’s nothing more important to us than your satisfaction with the project, so we go to great lengths to ensure your paving needs are met within a budget you’re comfortable with and a timeframe that works for you.

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