Concrete Wheel Stops / Car Stops

There’s no doubt about it. Wheel stops and car stops can make your parking lot a much safer place. Whether you need stops to prevent cars from hitting each other or to keep cars from parking too close to doors, windows and other parts of buildings, car stops and wheel stops can provide an added measure of safety in your parking area.

And when it comes to wheel stops and car stops, those made of concrete are the most common and the most popular. It’s easy to see why. Concrete wheel stops and car stops are strong, heavy and reinforced with rebar. They can easily be painted any color. And they’re affordable.

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Contractor’s Asphalt has a variety of concrete wheel stops and car stops available in different sizes. We can deliver and install wheel stops anywhere in the Austin/Central Texas area. Our wheel stops and car stops are made to last. Whether you need stops for an outside parking lot or an inside parking garage, our selection of stops can provide the added measure of safety you want and need for your parking area. We’ll make sure that your wheel stops and car stops are installed properly and permanently in your desired location.

If you’re unsure what size wheel stop you need, talk to one of our experienced professionals for more advice. Our paving specialists are parking lot specialists as well, and they can advise you with regard to the best size stop to use for your parking area. Call us today for more information. (512) 388-9968

Rubber Parking Lot Wheel Stops

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