Concrete Parking Lot Repair

When it comes to parking lots, the combination of weather, vehicle fluids and the sheer weight of the vehicles can really take a toll on the paved surface. At Contractor’s Asphalt, we understand the wear and tear that your parking lot goes through, and we have the skills to repair whatever the damage may be.


Potholes are more than just a nuisance. They can cause major damage to cars and to the surrounding paved surface. If you have potholes in your concrete surface, it’s important to have them repaired as quickly as possible, before the damage spreads. We respond quickly and make sure that the damage is repaired for good.


Concrete is made of aggregate (typically crushed rocks and sand), cement and water. No matter how good of a job the original contractor did in installing the concrete in the first place, cracks can still form after a certain amount of time passes. Any time concrete is exposed to the elements, it will eventually show some damage—especially if the concrete hasn’t been sealed. When you notice cracks starting to form in your concrete surface, it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible to prevent more cracks from forming. At Contractor’s Asphalt, we respond quickly and make sure that the repairs we make to your concrete surface are permanent.

Wheel Stops/Car Stops

Wheel stops and car stops can be easily damaged over time. Fortunately, Contractor’s Asphalt is here to help. We can quickly replace all the damaged stops in your parking lot at an affordable price.

Curb and Gutter Repairs

Many times it’s not just the parking lot surface that needs repair, but the surrounding curbs and gutters as well. Our paving specialists at Contractor’s Asphalt understand the importance of making sure that your entire parking lot is free from visible damage, including the curbs and gutters. Our trained specialists can also help you resolve drainage issues and other problems related to the curbs and gutters in your parking area.