Asphalt Resurfacing

The truth of the matter is, no matter how high-quality your materials and how perfect the application, all asphalt has an expiration date. That’s because things like extreme weather, leakages from vehicles and the weight of the cars themselves will inevitably cause cracks and depressions in an asphalt surface over time. And the longer you wait to fix those cracks and depressions, the worse (and more expensive) the overall damage to your surface will be.

Resurfacing, also called asphalt overlay, is a great option for those surfaces that have mild to moderate damage. Essentially, an asphalt overlay is an additional layer of asphalt applied to the existing surface to smooth out the cracks and depressions. This process is perfect for surfaces that have some damage, but the sub-grade is still in solid condition.

How Asphalt Resurfacing Works

First, our asphalt specialists will assess your existing surface to ensure your sub-grade is in good enough condition to make it a prime candidate for asphalt resurfacing. Once it’s established that an overlay is, indeed, a viable solution for your surface, we’ll begin by patching and cutting out cracks and impurities, leveling off any depressions in the surface. Once that’s finished, we’ll apply a primer that will ensure the new overlay properly adheres to your existing surface. When an overlay is done right, you can expect to have what will look like a new surface for a fraction of the cost.

Contractor’s Tip for Asphalt Resurfacing in Austin & Central Texas

Resurfacing is a great option for those with mild to moderate damage. It is never recommended to resurface when asphalt that’s extremely old, severely cracked or has spots that are significantly sunken in. If you try to resurface an area that’s too badly damaged, your new surface will only mimic the one below it. Further, your old damage will rear its ugly head in no time. To be positive that your existing surface is a strong candidate for this economical option, is by reaching out to our experienced paving specialists who will thoroughly evaluate and assess whether resurfacing is the right solution for you.

Experienced Professionals

With over 75 years of combined experience, our professional paving specialists take every aspect of asphalt seriously. There’s no problem we can’t solve and no obstacle we can’t overcome because we’ve seen it all before and we know exactly what to do. And, of course, we make sure to do it with only the very best tools, materials and techniques.

Locally Owned

Contractor’s Asphalt is proud to call Austin home since 1984. Thanks to our loyal customers and reputation for high-quality services, we’ve been so fortunate to serve all of Central Texas—from individuals to the municipalities of Austin, Georgetown, San Antonio, all the way to state departments, like the Texas Department of Transportation. The point is, to us, you’re not just a customer—you’re our neighbor!

On Time and On Budget

Your time and your money are two of the most valuable resources you have, so we go to great lengths to ensure they’re respected. When you sign on for a project with us, you can bet that it will be completed in a timely fashion that’s within your budget. We work with the utmost polish, precision and professionalism.