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Sealcoating Asphalt: How to Maintain Your Asphalt Surface in Austin, TX

To better understand the importance of asphalt sealcoating, it helps to know a bit more about what, exactly, asphalt is. Asphalt is a strong, flexible surface comprised of a combination of sand, tar, rock and bitumen. The rock and sand make it strong and long-lasting while the tar and bitumen make it flexible. However, no matter how high-quality your asphalt is, it will eventually deteriorate over time from the weight of vehicles, exposure to Texas weather and harmful vehicle leakages.

Opting to sealcoat your asphalt pavement will bring you a wide range of benefits, especially considering the Central Texas climate. Our asphalt sealcoat company will protect your surface from deteriorating due to the hardening and oxidation caused by extreme temperatures and inclement weather. It will also provide a waterproof barrier to protect the base material from harmful fluids.

Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

  • Affordable and quickly applied
  • Extends the life of your surface by as much as 300%
  • Protects surfaces from harmful fluids and chemicals
  • Resists damage from harsh weather
  • Makes your asphalt aesthetically more appealing

Sealcoating Asphalt Protection

The sealcoat we apply will significantly prolong the life of your surface and save you a ton of money in the future. It acts as a barrier between your surface and harsh chemicals and weather conditions. That said, you want to be sure that before you apply a sealcoat, any dips, cracks or other damage to your current surface is repaired to maximize its benefits. But don’t worry, we do that too!


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Contractor’s Asphalt Tip:

How often you need a new sealcoat depends on a few different factors.Variables such as the climate the surface regularly endures, the amount of use it gets and whether or not it’s covered play into how often the sealcoat needs to be applied. Fortunately, our paving specialists have seen it all, so we’re more than equipped to give you a thorough assessment of your unique situation and work with you to provide Austin Texas asphalt sealcoating services that perfectly suit your needs.

Experienced Professional

Thanks to over 75 years of combined experience, our professional paving specialists can tackle any challenge with ease and precision, and solve every problem that comes our way. We’re proud pavers who use only the highest-quality materials and best tools so you can feel confident you’re getting the best value.

Locally Owned

Contractor’s Asphalt has been calling Austin home for decades, with no plans to leave thanks to our loyal following and happy customers. We love our Central Texas community and see our customers as more than mere customers; they’re our neighbors! Give us a call to learn more about our asphalt sealcoating contractors in Austin and surrounding areas.

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Benefits of Sealcoating

Learn the benefits of sealcoating. Contractors Asphalt has been providing sealcoating services in the Austin and surrounding area for over 30 years. There are reasons sealcoating is so important, educate yourself about it and feel free to ask us any questions!